On the Eve of the Canadian Election / by Aaron Adair

I just posted this on Facebook; I thought I'd share it here too. I've been debating what needs to be shared via social media about my views on the election. In the end, keep it simple, and keep it positive. How Canadian is that?

"Hi there, Canadian friends.
Wow! There’s been a lot of negativity shared by some around here lately, hasn't there?! A lot of untruths have been spread as well. The good thing about all of this is that I’ve had A LOT of material to use in my classroom discussions!
So, here’s a question: Does anyone think that the attempt at a “strategic” voting movement is going to work? It seems to me like this is a concept that has appeared far too late and really hasn’t gained any momentum because of a lack of organization. Polls, neighbourhood sign counts, and historical voting patterns give a lot of conflicting perspectives. Oh, and the circumstances of this election are quite different from the last one. Nevertheless, if all of your research tells you that being strategic is indeed the way you should vote, go for it! As many of my students agree, casting a vote without attempting some unbiased quality research is not what democracy should be about. So if you did your part, great!
Actually. You know what? Don’t answer my question!
I’ll just let you know that I’m feeling really good about being able to vote in this amazing country, and I’m confident in my decision. I did my research on the party platforms. I looked at as much material as I could from my potential MP’s. I’m going to sleep well tonight knowing that I’ll cast a ballot for the person who has the potential to best represent Jenn and me. If the candidate wins, great! If not, I’ll remain confident in my choice until I go through this process again the next time around.
I have a multitude of hopes for Canada. Mainly, I hope that after tomorrow, everyone can focus on the positives in our awesome country. Remember the resentment that many people were expressing after the last election’s result? Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, I hope that you, like me, will be satisfied that you have done your part to move our country forward."